4disc.47cush Havana Coin Cushion Pendant, 18mm White Gold

SKU: 4DISC.47cush

The Havana coin Princess-cut, One year in the making. A collaboration of Raphael and Bez Ambar
To bring you this amazing design and a as a talisman of protection and positive energy.
From the moment you lay eyes on this exquisite creation, you'll be captivated by its intricate
details and masterful design. The raised edge of the coin adds a touch of dimension, while
the sand-finished background creates a captivating texture.

The perfect diamond setting at the center of the coin adds a brilliant sparkle that mesmerizes the senses.
Also included 18K white gold 1.00 MM link chain lobster clasp, 18” long, adjustable to 17” or 16"
18kt Havana coin pendant white gold set with .47ct Lab grown Cushion cut diamond D VVS2, cert# 579377731
Color: White

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