18K Yellow Gold Classic Round ID Bracelet, 18cm

SKU: 400052


18K Yellow Gold Classic Round ID Bracelet, 18cm (approximately 7.08")

A special feature of all bracelets and Necklaces from BINDER Jewellery is the particular attention to detail for the clasps of the manufactoryjewellery. Whether as a completely newly conceived lobster clasp or clip clasp, the aim has always been to allow the clasp itself to shine as piece of jewellery and be fully integrated into the overall design. This is how even small Jewellery treasures were created, which combine usability, security and beauty and each carry a brilliant-cut diamond between 0.005 and 0.007 ct (F/G VS) as a small token of appreciation.

Made in Germany | Since 1910
From our factory in Mönsheim (Black Forest)
Conflict-free diamonds
Color: Gold

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