5.43 Aluminum and Pearl Pendant

SKU: 5.43.black

$47.00 $95.00

Style # 5.43.es/5.43.go

9.5mm orb ball pendant with attached cultured pearl.

See available colors.  Stainless steel or aluminum.  Chain not included.

We only use high grade stainless steel alloys, which do not release any nickel, and therefore are suitable for allergic persons.

Our aluminium colours consist of an anodized layer. With normal wear the colours will retain their fresh look for many years. The aluminium parts are anodized in large batches. In case of re-orders, there may be small variations in the aluminium colours, as the shade of colouring depends on the temperature of the washings. We have no influence on this process.

Our Jewellery Pieces are coated by a 20 micron (10-6 or a millionth part) hard gold plating. This procedure is equal to a very good and long lasting plating.

Color: Black

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